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accounting + tax services

for online service providers

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sound familiar?

if you find yourself saying, "Yep, yes... that's so me!" then you are in the right place.

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You're making money, but have no idea how to make your money work for you.


You're booked out (or close!) and feeling the stress and strain of managing your own books on top of everything else.


You're not excited, or let's be honest... a little afraid, of letting someone peek into your finances and see behind the scenes of your small business.


You've signed on new clients, but your bank balance isn't increasing like you expected.


You want to outsource or bring on a contractor to ease your workload, but you have no idea if you can actually afford it.


Jackie has demystified business finances and taxes for me.

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“Before working with Jackie, I was hella confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated. Now I feel in control and on track!

Once you experience the sheer mental relief that comes from working with Jackie and soaking in her expertise, you'll regret not investing in her services sooner.”

clients say

Let's get you streamlined and organized

quickbooks support

quickbooks setup

This is for you if you are

Ready to get your finances in order! You have a business bank account and credit card, but you don't know where you go from here.

You're getting

Setup and optimization of your new QuickBooks account

Customized financial reports

Up-to-date bookkeeping

Interactive tutorial so you feel confident maintaining everything

Time to stop losing sleep over disorganized finances

quickbooks setup support starts at $1,500

quickbooks cleanup

This is for you if you are

If you have already been through a QuickBooks Setup or QuickBooks Audit and need a little help getting caught back up!

You're getting

Deep-dive into your existing QuickBooks account

Review of your connections, financials and optimizations to make things are still running smoothly

A clean, organized, beautiful account -- and an updated Financial Report!

Your QuickBooks account should make life easier

Quickbooks cleanups start at $1,000

"taxes were stressing me out, but jackie made it as painless as possible."

This is likely the best investment I have made in my business thus far. I felt like I had a lot of stupid questions and she answered them all thoroughly and clearly. I find that a lot of accountants throw around words that I don't understand and I'm often asking for clarification multiple times, but Jackie explained it at a level that made sense to me.

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My accounting expertise at work in your business

ongoing support

Monthly accounting

This is for you if you are

Confident in the organization of your finances and QuickBooks account, and ready to turn the monthly maintenance over to a pro.

You're getting

Totally done-for-you, recurring accounting services for pristine books and accurate reports

Monthly custom financial reports

Expert analysis and feedback on financial reports *

Unlimited access to me for help at tax time, help making strategic decisions, and whatever else you need *

You need a done-for-you service so you can focus on your business
*Not all packages include feedback, analysis and unlimited access

monthly accounting prices range between $400 and $1,000 per month

1:1 VIP Calls

This is for you if you are

Full of tax, accounting and financial questions that you'd love to get some answers to!

You're getting

30 minutes of my undivided attention and expertise

A chance to ask all your questions and get personalized feedback

Guidance and direction around taxes

Pick my brain and get all the answers you're looking for

vip calls are $149 per call

"I know i can go to jackie if i have any questions and she's there to help me."

Working with Jackie for Monthly Accounting Services has been AMAZING! She’s always there to answer your questions, hop on a quick Zoom call, or send over a video to help with whatever you need.

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Your ticket to a 

stress-free tax season

tax support

individual income tax prep

business tax prep

Starts at $700

Let's be honest -- taxes can be the worst (I mean, I love them... but I understand most business owners don't share the love!).

If your QuickBooks is in order -- we can jump straight into it. And if your QuickBooks are a bit of a mess (no judgment here!), we should start with a QuickBooks setup or cleanup.

Starts at $800

Turn over your numbers and take a vacation, enjoy a nap, or catch up on your latest Netflix binge while I work my CPA magic on your taxes.

are you growing quickly?

It may be time to convert your llc to an s-corporation

S Corporations can be a powerful tax-saving tool, but they're not right for everyone!   You need an expert to help you determine if the converting to an S Corporation is the best move for you and luckily, I am that expert!

s-corp conversions include

30-min consultation 

Customized reasonable salary determination

Full analysis (so that you can see the numbers!)

Preparation of Form 2553 (for the IRS!)

pricing for s-corporation conversions begins at $1,500


Complete Payroll Setup (so you can focus on more important things!)

you've got questions, I've got answers

HOw much do I need to save for taxes?

You should be saving 30% of your monthly profit (revenue minus expenses) for taxes. If you're an LLC or sole proprietor, you're responsible for paying 15.5% in self-employment taxes on top of your personal income tax rate.

Does becoming an s-corp save me money?

So much money, yes. When you make an S-Corp election, there are significant tax implications and available savings. Depending on your revenue level, you can save several thousands to tens of thousands of dollars each year in taxes. Overwhelmed by the S-Corp process? I can help you plan and file paperwork to make the process simple and easy!

skip the stress and let your new favorite cpa handle your finances

You're gonna love the way it feels to have streamlined, organized finances in your small business.